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VW emissions scandal: US authorities reject recall plan

VW exhaust scandal
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V W have submitted 'no approvable recall plan', it continues. However, the authority still leaves room for the VW group to make improvements. VW told N-TV: 'Today’s announcement relates to Volkswagen’s initial recall plans, which were sent to CARB in December. Volkswagen has had constructive discussions with CARB since then.' This also includes a meeting last week on the framework for eliminating the emissions affair.

In the declaration, EPA and CARB justified their refusal by saying that VW had made the decision to cheat on emissions tests and this to hide. CARB boss Mary Nichols said: 'They kept going and made the lie worse, and when they were caught they tried to deny it'.

On Wednesday, VW boss Matthias Müller met the The head of the US environmental agency meet to discuss how to proceed. Even before the opening of the Detroit Motor Show, Müller had apologized for the manipulation of diesel vehicles. However, the VW boss made a very unhappy figure on the sidelines of the auto show in a radio interview. There he explained, according to Spiegel Online, that VW had not lied, but merely misinterpreted US laws. After the interview was partially broadcast, VW asked for it to be repeated. Müller apologized for his first appearance and fully accepted the violation of the law.


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