VW EA288, VW EA189, VW exhaust scandal

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VW diesel exhaust scandal
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Several media had previously reported, citing the news agency dpa, that VW was also investigating the newer EA288 units to see if they were the forbidden software for test stand detection and changing the exhaust gas behavior on board.

EA288 - similar to the predecessor EA189, 1.6 and 2.0 liter four-cylinder diesel engines with a power range from 90 to 240 hp. As with its predecessor, the distribution of the unit in the group, which has been installed on a large scale since 2012, is correspondingly large. The EA288 is used in the following models: Audi A3 8V, Audi TT, VW Golf VII, VW Golf Sportsvan, VW Passat B8, VW Touran II, Seat Leon III, Skoda Octavia III, Skoda Superb III as well as in the commercial vehicles VW Amarok and VW T5 /T6. EU5 versions of the EA288 could have been built and sold between 2012 and September 2015 at the latest. From September 1, 2015, newly registered cars must meet the EU6 emissions standard. The number of EA288 models that only meet the EU5 emissions standard could therefore be seven digits. The alarm clocks sounded correspondingly loud.

Only 15 prototypes with EA288 diesel have the fraud software

But as a VW spokesman told auto motor und sport on Thursday afternoon (October 22, 2015) , the group can give the all-clear in this regard. 'No models with engines from the EA288 series (development order 288) have come onto the market'. Apparently there are 15 prototypes with EA288 motors in the factory that carry the so-called 'defeat device' in the software. Reason: The EA288 is a further development of the scandal diesel EA189, the manipulation software was initially inherited. From the development documents, however, it becomes clear that the 'defeat device' was removed for the series - the new engine managed the exhaust gas tests also like that. However, only the European ones; EA288 diesels with fraudulent software were also noticed in the USA.

The VW spokesman also confirmed that all VW diesel engines would be checked - just to be sure. Therefore, we also know that units that meet the EU6 standard have no manipulation software, which VW announced very early on.

You can see which models are equipped with the scandalous EA189 diesel in the picture gallery.


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