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VW E-Load Up: Electric delivery vans can be ordered now

VW E-Load Up
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VW E-Load Up with a range of 160 km

Volkswagen wants the V W E-Load Up understood as a small utility vehicle for urban local traffic, which thanks to the electric drive can also drive into the zero-emission zones of large cities.

The payload is 285 kilograms, the loading volume is 990 liters. Load and its driver are catapulted to 100 km /h in 12.4 seconds thanks to the 82 hp electric motor with a maximum torque of 210 Nm. VW specifies a top speed of 130 km /h. The lithium-ion battery integrated in the underbody has a storage capacity of 18.7 kWh. The VW E-Load should Up Can cover 160 kilometers.

Approval as a commercial vehicle

The small delivery van can optionally be equipped with the CCS charging system, which enables both direct and alternating current charging. This means that the E-Load Up can fill up with energy at most charging stations. After around 30 minutes, 80 percent of the storage capacity is reached.

The model is approved as a commercial vehicle and is based on the four-door E-Up. Behind the two front seats, it offers a level loading floor with four lashing eyes. Access is either via the tailgate or the two rear side doors.

In addition to the E version, there is also the Load Up as a petrol engine with 60 hp and the Eco Load Up with 68 hp and CNG drive with a maximum payload of up to 363 kilograms can be ordered. The prices start at 9,222.69 euros or 11,722.69 euros, plus VAT in each case.


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