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VW Crafter 4Motion Supertest: Bus ride into adventure

Torsten Seibt
VW Crafter 4Motion Supertest
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B when you first contact the new VW Crafter about the driving report 4Motion seemed to be exactly the case: the ideal car for those far away, and never having to worry about space and luggage again. And that made it clear that the blatant box had to be put to the Supertest test bench with us - analyze what it really can do.

The customers are select

The numerically not huge, but definitely existing clientele for such a spacecraft suitable for climbing has so far primarily been served by retrofitters, who have created appropriate terrain variants from series box vans. Volkswagen has teamed up with such a conversion company, the Austrian specialist Achleitner, for the Crafter: the actual conversion of the Crafter ordered by the customer will be carried out in Tyrol. The buyer does not notice this, however, and that is a very relevant advantage of the concept: sales, delivery, maintenance and processing of warranty work are done directly at the local VW commercial vehicle dealer, VW also takes care of the spare parts supply. A weighty argument, especially for assignments abroad.

VW Crafter 4Motion with all-wheel drive in any design

The all-wheel drive can in principle be combined with any VW Crafter version, the one with the most powerful 163 -PS engine is equipped. So also a large box in long /high or a flatbed truck. For maximum off-road suitability, however, the VW Crafter with its short wheelbase is the most suitable choice, as we did in our super test. In terms of price, you shouldn't indulge in any illusion, here the Crafter 4Motion is on par with a luxury-class off-road vehicle. In addition to the basic price of at least 35,420 euros for the 120 kW panel van without extra extras, there is also the preparation kit for the Achleitner conversion (1,106 euros) and the actual all-wheel drive conversion with two axle locks (23,740 euros).

It's not that huge

Although the VW Crafter 4Motion, it is live and in color in front of the viewer, it just looks huge - that's how big it is Truth not at all. With a length of 5.25 meters and a width of 1.94 meters, the VW Crafter is almost exactly the same as the VW Amarok. Only the sweeping van mirrors will keep us busy in the super test. In terms of dimensions, the short Crafter is therefore absolutely suitable for everyday use, you can yourselfVenture into a big city without running the risk of getting stuck between the rows of houses. Parking garages are, of course, taboo: total height 2.51 meters ...

VW Crafter 4Motion fully suitable for everyday use

The Crafter 4Motion is also very enjoyable for such a high-rise because of its everyday use Performance. You can save yourself a lot of bold overtaking maneuvers (0-100 km /h: 16.5 seconds), but once it runs, it's really good. The top speed (measured 159 km /h) is seldom wanted, but it is possible without getting seasick. With a comfortable 130 mm travel cut, the VW Crafter 4Motion is always on the move. What the box consumes is a matter of the right foot. Twitching behind the big truck, you can get a seven to the decimal point, in full throttle mode it is, not surprisingly with this sail area, however otherworldly: 15 liters and more. In everyday use, the owner can adjust to the consumption values ​​of a standard Japanese pickup: ten to eleven liters per 100 kilometers.

Although a perceptible humming and vibrating from the complex drive train and the coarse tires are heralds from a speed of 100 km /h Long journeys are not an issue either, the VW Crafter 4Motion remains pleasantly quiet in the interior (but also thanks to the partition wall built into the test car).

We were able to approach the super test disciplines in a relaxed manner (see individual evaluation).


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