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I n der new structure, which has been in place since the beginning of the year, the responsibility for technology, quality, adherence to costs and deadlines as well as responsibility for profitability should be clearly in one hand for the first time. So far, the responsibilities were distributed in different company divisions and there again differentiated into individual model groups.

VW relies on 4 model series groups

The newly created series groups are divided into small, compact, mid and full size and BEV. The newly created Strategy and Products area is intended to support the respective series managers.

The Small group includes small vehicles such as the Up and Polo and ranges from small sedans to small SUVs and is the responsibility of Klaus-Gerhard Wolpert (59) who has headed product management for the Volkswagen brand and the Group since 2010.

The compact group, which also includes the Golf, ranges from hatchbacks to notchback sedans and station wagons to SUVs. Karlheinz Hell (52), who has previously been Group Purchasing Manager for Electrics /Electronics at Volkswagen since 2014, will be in charge.

The portfolio of the mid- and full-size group ranges from the Passat to the Sharan and the future mid-size SUV to the Touareg. Elmar-Marius Licharz (45) is responsible for this area. He has been in charge of product controlling at Volkswagen AG for the Volkswagen brand since 2010.

The BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) group includes electric models such as the E-Up and the E-Golf. In the next step, electric vehicles with a longer range are to follow, which are being developed in this group. One example of this is the Budd-e study presented at CES 2016. The BEV series group is headed by Christian Senger (41), who comes to Volkswagen from Continental AG. There he headed the Automotive Systems and Technology division.


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