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VW Commercial Vehicles: Schaller is leaving, Schreiber is coming

VW Commercial Vehicles
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The 51-year-old writer is a graduate engineer and joined the Volkswagen Group in 1984. In 1996 he became head of transmission development for the Volkswagen brand transfer. In 2003 he moved to B as technical manager ugatti Engineering, where he took over the management two years later.

Since September 2006, Schreiber has been a member of the Board of Management responsible for product development at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles; In addition, he will continue his role at Bugatti.

Stephan Schaller came to the Volkswagen Group in 2004 and was initially responsible for product manufacturing as a member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. In January 2007, the 52-year-old was appointed brand management spokesman. During his term of office there was in particular an improvement in productivity and the development and market launch of the new Amarok .

Schaller wanted more of a say

In the industry, however, there had been speculation for a long time about Schaller's departure. According to reports, he wanted more say in the future of Volkswagen's truck business.

The future of VW Commercial Vehicles, based in Hanover, is considered open. Integration into the core Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand is considered possible. A year ago, Volkswagen reorganized its truck holdings and sold the Brazilian heavy truck business - which until then belonged to VW Commercial Vehicles - to MAN. Since then, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has concentrated on business with light commercial vehicles - minibuses and vans such as the Caddy and Crafter.

In the truck business, Volkswagen is aiming for an alliance with MAN and Scania under the umbrella of the VW Group. In the industry, it is certain that VW wants to increase its 30 percent stake in MAN in order to get control of the Munich-based company. VW had already taken over the Swedish truck manufacturer Scania.

VW Commercial Vehicles recorded a drastic drop in sales in the course of the global economic crisis. Worldwide deliveries fell by more than a fifth to around 355,000 light commercial vehicles compared to the previous year


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