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D he two traditional Hanover companies, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Bahlsen, put down the Bulli in a completely new way - as a biscuit. A total of only 60,000 packs of butter biscuits will be produced in the Bahlsen factory in Barsinghausen.

VW Bulli biscuits for the time being only for the selected

The 125 gram packs each contain eleven different motifs of the legendary Bulli - from the T1 series to the T6. The recipe is also a classic, it is identical to that of the Leibniz biscuit.

First, the employees of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles at the Hanover location can enjoy the Bulli biscuits, in the second phase VW commercial vehicles can be used - Dealers distribute biscuit to their customers. In addition, the pastries will in future be offered in the shop of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Customer Center in Hanover and will also be distributed on the 60th anniversary of Bulli production at the Hanover plant in March 2016. It is currently being checked whether the Bulli biscuit will even be launched in stores across Germany in the coming year.


Loren Lee

2022-10-09 10:07:43

Are these still available

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