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VW boss: Euro 7 costs up to 5,000 euros per car

The new VW boss Thomas Schäfer expects that combustion cars with exhaust gas cleaning for Euro 7 will be up to 5,000 euros more expensive.

Thomas Schäfer has been head of the VW brand since July 1, 2022 and is also responsible for the Skoda and Seat brands on the Group Board of Management. He is therefore considered a possible successor to group boss Herbert Diess.

Euro 7 makes cars more expensive

In an interview with Welt am Sonntag, he promised significant price increases for vehicles with combustion engines. In addition to the rising raw material prices, which also affect all other drive types, Schäfer expects costs of 3,000 to 5,000 euros per vehicle for the coming Euro 7 due to the more complex exhaust gas cleaning. With a small car, these additional costs could hardly be absorbed. Entry-level mobility with combustion engines is therefore becoming significantly more expensive. As a solution, Schäfer sees the path towards electromobility and is bringing the group's new generation of small electric cars into play from 2025. ,

The VW ID.2, another model from VW as well as a Skoda and a Cupra are to come . The starting price should then be less than 25,000 euros. You can't get an entry-level price of around 10,000 euros like with the combustion engines. The battery costs are simply too high for this. But you have to look at the total cost, not just the purchase price. It is already the case today that a battery-electric vehicle, including use, is 25 percent less than a diesel or petrol engine. ,


VW boss Thomas Schäfer expects combustion cars to become significantly more expensive with Euro 7. He expects between 3,000 and 5,000 euros. Renault boss Luca de Meo spoke of an increase of around 1,000 euros in May. And ultimately, the general conditions for Euro 7 have not yet been finally approved.


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