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VW Amarok Single-Cab Erlkönig: Undisguised - that's the VW Amarok with a single cabin

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VW Amarok Single-Cab Erlkönig
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In autumn 2010 the V W Amarok double cab in Europe on the market. So far, only with the 163-hp twin-turbo diesel in three equipment variants. Now our Erlkönig hunter has caught the 2011 version of the Amarok undisguised near the Nürburgring. As already announced, the pickup is also available as a single cab.

The VW Amarok will also be available as a gasoline engine

The single cab will be officially shown at the Commercial Vehicle IAA in autumn. An ethanol-compatible version of the two-liter FSI petrol engine is available especially for the South American market, where E85 fuel is very popular and widespread. It is unlikely that this engine will also come to Germany.

The VW Amarok single cabin has extra storage space

On the first pictures of the VW Amarok Single-Cab, the wide B-pillar is clearly visible. This additional space is somewhat at the expense of the loading area. On the other hand, these extra centimeters create more space in the cabin itself, where additional protected storage space is created behind the seats and the freedom of movement is better than in comparable single-cabin pickups from other manufacturers.

There is still no information about the price of the single cabin. It is to be expected, however, that the single cab with the simpler mono-turbo diesel will be considerably cheaper than the previous entry-level model with a double cab and the 163 hp engine. Around 21,000 euros for the 4x2 single cab are realistic here.


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