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VW Amarok production starts in Hanover: Pickup made in Germany

Hans-Dieter Seufert
VW Amarok production starts in Hanover
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Premiere in Hanover: the new production line for the V W Amarok opened. The Amarok is also housed appropriately in the so-called 'Transporter Factory'. In addition to the VW bus, which has been produced here from 1956 to this day, various heavy-duty devices such as the MAN-VW truck and the Transporter LT have already rolled off the board here. And the immediate predecessor of the Amarok, the Hilux lookalike VW Taro produced in cooperation with Toyota, left the production line here.

VW Amarok production start in Hall 2

In Hall 2, the until 2006 was used for the production of the VW LT, there was initially extensive renovation work before the pre-series production could start in early May. From the end of June, the plant should then start regular series production of the VW Amarok take over. 185 of the pick-ups will then be produced daily; the plant is designed for an annual capacity of 40,000 Amarok. For comparison: the main plant in Pacheco near Buenos Aires, which started series production in 2010, has a capacity of around 100,000 units per year and is currently well utilized with 80,000 vehicles per year.

VW Amarok made in Germany

With the production in Hanover, not only the 'Made in Germany' aspect should be emphasized - after all, the Amarok will be the only pickup from German production in the future. The sometimes considerable waiting times for customers, who should get to their ordered car faster without long delivery routes from South America, should also be reduced. The economic aspect is certainly not to be neglected, after all, the higher wage level in Germany can be offset by the fact that no more customs duties will be incurred for Amarok imported into the EU.

From Hanover to Africa

In future, the Hanover plant will supply the whole of Europe and African markets with the Amarok, while the plant in Argentina will focus on the assembly of medium and South America focused. VW also expects the new production line to bring about a significant increase in sales through faster availability. In 2011 the VW Amarok the best-selling pickup in Germany with 3,992 new registrations.


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