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Volvo V90 and S90: New basic diesel for the Swede

Volvo V90 and S90
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A The new D3 in the 90s Volvo models also relies on a two-liter displacement. In addition to 150 hp, it generates a maximum torque of 320 Nm. The new D3 drive is available with front-wheel drive or as an all-wheel variant. The latter, however, relies on a twin-turbo version of the two-liter four-cylinder, which also produces 150 hp, but brings 350 Nm to the start.

All-wheel drive only available in a station wagon

There is a transmission with the D3, the choice between a manual six-speed gearbox and a six-speed automatic. In both cases, the standard consumption is 4.4 liters (V90: 4.5 liters). The new D3 accelerates the S90 from zero to 100 km /h in 9.9 seconds and enables a top speed of 205 km /h. The station wagon takes 10.2 seconds but is just as fast. The Volvo S90 D3 is available from 39,400 euros, the D3 as a station wagon costs from 42,450 euros.

The D3 AWD, which is only available in the V90 station wagon, is combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission as standard and consumes on average 4.9 liters, sprints to 100 km /h in 10.5 seconds and also reaches a maximum of 205 km /h. The V90 D3 AWD costs from 47,200 euros. The D3 engines are not offered in the V90 Cross Country.


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