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Volvo V90 (2016): This is what the big Sweden station wagon looks like

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
Geneva Motor Show 2020
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New Volvo V90 with typical design language

S The model haunted the Internet early on, first as a model car, then on leaked real images. And they showed little new: The design of the Volvo V90 is of course based on the XC90 as well as on its limousine brother. The station wagon wears the familiar apron, the T-shaped LED daytime running lights and the steep grill. The hood appears long and contoured. In the side view, the lower window line rises slightly to the rear, while the upper window line slopes gently downwards. This creates a narrow and dynamic window band towards the rear. The course of the roof, however, remains almost horizontal and ends in a roof edge spoiler. Striking at the rear, the long overhang as well as the long vertical tail lights that reach up to the roof and protrude horizontally far into the trunk lid. The design of the new Volvo V90 is underlined by numerous chrome applications.

The taillights of the V90 range from L- shaped right up to the C-pillar.

Up until now, technical data could only be derived, now Volvo is providing a remedy. There are two petrol and two diesel on offer for the market launch. With 254 hp, the inline four-cylinder turbo marks the entry into the gasoline segment. The front-wheel drive comes with a maximum torque of 350 Nm. All-wheel drive is available in combination with the Otto engine in the T6. From 1,969 ccm, there is 320 hp and 400 Nm of torque.

On the diesel side, the two-liter diesel D4 with front-wheel drive and 190 hp and 400 Nm of torque is at the lower end of the food chain. Top diesel - then with all-wheel drive - is the D5 AWD, which has 235 hp and 480 Nm. All engines are coupled with the well-known eight-speed automatic. A manual oneThere is no manual transmission on offer. In November 2016, Volvo then launched the Volvo V90 T8 AWD, which was launched as a hybrid model with a combination of an in-line four-cylinder and an electric motor. The conventional motor acts on the front wheels, the electric unit on the rear axle. As a system output, Volvo indicates 407 PS, the consumption should be 2.1 liters per 100 km.

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Seat test Volvo V90

It goes on: Volvo is cheerfully rebuilding its model range. After the sedan S90, which is positioned higher than its predecessor S80, there is now the station wagon V90, which in turn inherits the V70. The boxy rear end falls by the wayside. With a length of 4.94 meters, the V90 towers over its predecessor by 13 centimeters, bringing it closer to the Audi A6 Avant. The station wagon of the new E-Class comes in similar dimensions. 'Because of the length, we were able to do without a distinctly upright rear without restricting the cargo space too much,' says Thomas Ingenlath, chief designer at Volvo. How much fits in?

Our author Jens Dralle could already take a seat in the Volvo V90.

Seat comfort in the rear is top class

Since the V90 is not yet homologated for all markets, the Swedes are currently specifying an unspecified volume of 1,526 liters - which in view of the size something seems little. So let's wait and see. The fact is: the loading opening is wide, the loading sill is low, when you fold down the rear seat backrest (push a button on the right D-pillar trim) there is no step, but there is also no completely level loading area. The seating comfort both in the front and in the rear is top-class: generously dimensioned, not too softly upholstered and all of this with a surprisingly slim shape - since the XC90, Volvo has mastered this topic perfectly. Speaking of the XC90: the giant SUV also has the equally huge panorama roof. 'We really did it one-on-one, which was not that easy,' reports Ingenlath. It actually extends over the back seats, costs headroom - just enough that nobody can see the skyfalls. Oh yes: And if the goal is the horizon, it might be worth waiting for the higher-lying V90 Cross Country. With the predecessor, this variant accounted for a good half of all sales in the series. Will it stay that way in view of the flood of SUVs? Let's see. In addition, Volvo is not finished with the reorganization of the model range.

Jens Dralle

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Of course, special attention with the Volvo V90 is directed to the luggage compartment. Here the Sweden station wagon offers 1,526 liters - for comparison: The Volvo V70 came to 1,600 liters. Between the wheelhouses, it is 1.1 meters wide, the loading space is 61 cm high and the loading length up to the back of the front seat is 1.988 m. All other technical data can be found in our table.

The loading area of ​​the Volvo V90 is not completely flat.

New Volvo V90 with many assistants

The new Volvo V90 will also take over the safety and infotainment features from the XC90. This includes the Road Edge Detection System as standard. The system recognizes when the vehicle leaves the road and counteracts it. Lane markings are no longer necessary to recognize the road. The Run Off Protection System also reduces the consequences of accidents. The Pilot Assistant, also fitted as standard, automatically maintains the distance to the vehicle in front, brakes, steers and accelerates independently. Volvo City Safety is also on board as a little helper, the system recognizes other drivers, people and large animals day and night and initiates emergency braking in the event of an emergency.

The prices for the new Volvo V90 start at 45,800 euros for the V90 D4 with eight-speed automatic.


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