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Volvo V40 in the interior check: Welcome to the instrument cinema

Volvo V40 in the interior check
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A The Volvo V40 D4 Summum, which with plenty of Extras equipped almost exceeds the 50,000 euro mark, but also offers everything that the Volvo options shelf has to offer.

Already at the start it becomes clear that the Volvo V40, in contrast to its station wagon predecessor, focuses more on lifestyle and a chic appearance, because of a high utility value. Our test sample, which is just over 1.80 meters tall, has to take good care of his head when entering the interior so as not to hit the very flat A-pillar. With a height of 1.45 meters, the V40 is flatter than many small cars.

Volvo V40 with detailed self-image

Once inside, the interior checker heart (and probably too each other) on the comfortable and well-supporting leather seats, which can be moved into the desired position in a few moments via electrical commands. The feeling of space is pleasant, also thanks to the very large, optionally available panoramic glass roof, which provides plenty of light in the interior. The first quiet complaint comes from the passenger seat: the footwell is rather narrow due to the wheel arch protruding far into the vehicle and restricts freedom of movement. The view of the simple, well-made cockpit should reassure complainers afterwards. The seemingly free-floating center console, already known from other models, deserves praise.

The best place in the Volvo V40, however, remains the driver's seat. And even before the engine was even started. When the ignition is activated, a futuristic-looking animation cinema begins in the digital instruments, which culminates in the graphically detailed self-representation of the V40 in the middle of the speedometer. In addition, two diagrams for speed and current consumption are waiting to move their bars up and down. Something similar happens in the display of the infotainment system when the V40 brings itself into play with a digital image to explain its assistance systems.

Voice control is not always flawless

If that's not entertaining enough up to now, you can rely on a Let in chatting with the pleasant female voice, who takes the commands of the voice control. Unfortunately, the lady does not always understand what is wanted from her and then annoys with lengthy explanations about what she is doingunderstood. If that becomes too annoying, the navigation system and Co. can also be operated comfortably and non-verbally via the multifunction steering wheel.

As expected, the entertainment factor is lower in row two. Even getting in is not as easy as at the front because of the narrow door opening. Much headroom shouldn't be expected on the back seat. The two outer seats are generously shaped and very comfortable. There is enough space for the legs.

Volvo V40 with up to 1,032 liters of cargo space

On the subject of space: There is space for small items in numerous shelves under the center armrest, the doors and in the glove compartment and behind the center console. There is also a practical, permanently installed glasses case on the left above the driver's head. Bulky items of luggage move over a high loading sill into the trunk, which is not exactly generous with a volume of 335 liters. By folding down the rear seat - and optionally also the front passenger backrest - the volume increases to up to 1,032 liters.

You can find more important details and functions of the Volvo V40 interior in our large photo show.


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