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Volvo electrification strategy: all-electric car from 2019

Volvo electrification strategy
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D he Swedish automaker Volvo is going to focus on electrification. All models of the current 90 series with the exception of the Cross Country, as well as the coming 60 and 40 series, will receive plug-in hybrid models. The Volvo XC60, V60 and S60 receive both the plug-in hybrid T8 with all-wheel drive and the T5 version with pure front-wheel drive.

Battery capacity up to 100 kWh

In addition to the Plug-in hybrid models allow both platforms CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) and SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) from 2019 to also allow pure electric cars. Initially, a model the size of a vehicle from the 60 series is planned, followed by a smaller electric vehicle analogous to the 40 series.

These will, however, differ visually from conventional Volvo models. One thing is certain: the Volvo battery packs will in future produce up to 100 kWh, the electric motors have an output of 100 to 450 kW. AC charging is done with up to 20 kW, DC fast charging is possible with CCS and Chademo. The range should realistically be around 350 kilometers.


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