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Volvo & # 34; In-car Delivery “: delivery service to the car

Volvo 'In-car Delivery“
Subscriptions & booklets

Z At first, the new Volvo 'In-car Delivery' service will only be available in Gothenburg, and only to Volvo drivers who have subscribed to the Volvo on Call service, but will later be available to all of Sweden and other countries not be extended to other car models.

Package lands directly in the car

Volvo drivers can start the delivery service Order goods from the leading Scandinavian online store for toys and baby supplies Lekmer.com and the Swedish online grocery retailer mat.se, while the delivery logistics are handled by the logistics company PostNo approx. Later, the Swedish car manufacturer wants to enter into cooperation with other partners and thereby expand the range of goods that can be ordered.

Volvo In-car Delivery works with a digital key that is required for one-time access to the vehicle. Users simply order their goods on the Internet, select the 'In-car Delivery' option at the end of the order, receive a notification after the delivery has been made and finally drive home with the goods in the trunk.


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