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Volkswagen Wörthersee Amarok V6 TDI: Power pickup with 272 hp

Volkswagen Wörthersee Amarok V6 TDI
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Even before the V W Amarok came onto the German market, the fans were calling for something befitting their class Top engine for the new pickup has become loud. After all, the class competition offered and continues to offer, in addition to the basic units of the 2.5-liter class, large machines with three or more liters of displacement.

Wörthersee-Amarok comes with a three-liter V6

At VW, a two-liter four-cylinder still has to meet all of the requirements, as a single turbo for the base and with a 180 PS biturbo for the performance-hungry customers. The call for a three-liter engine has so far gone unheard, although Volkswagen would only have to reach for the shelf: there would be the three-liter V6 from the Touareg, which catapults the large Wolfsburg SUV with 245 hp to 100 km /h in 7.6 seconds /p>

Cost reasons are always brought up when we ask Volkswagen managers about the topic. On the world market, the expected numbers of units are modest, the effort for testing, coordination and homologation too high. For the Wörthersee meeting, at which the Tiefer-Breiter-Schneller faction annually destroys huge amounts of beer and rubber, they took some money into their hands.

The result was a show car, which we want to see lowering, tuning sills and pursed lips, because the long-awaited engine lurks under the hood. In the show car, a single-cab Amarok, the 3.0l V6 TDI can, however, make thicker jaws than in the Porsche Cayenne: 272 hp is specified as the maximum output. As in the Touareg, the power and the great torque (600 Newton meters) are managed by an eight-speed automatic. Zero hundred: 7.9 seconds.

Less than eight seconds to 100

That is a word for a two-ton truck -Pickup, which is why we only report without comment that the Wörthersee-Amarok has been lowered by 80 millimeters and widened by 60 millimeters. We also want to be politely silent about the 22-inch wheels, which are covered with 295/35 rubber strips.

On the other hand, we could well imagine the bi-xenon headlights and the LED rear lights of the Wörthersee-Amarok in the series. The 760 watt stereo system with 500 watt subwoofer would certainly be well received. But above all the V6 diesel, at least thatCertainly not a few customers are longing for on the European market.


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