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Volkswagen: VW strengthens Porsche's position in the group

VW Group - Strengthening Porsche's position
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S o should be all sports cars across the group - except Lamborghini , Bugatti and Bentley - can be equipped with modules from Porsche, writes the newspaper. This means that the division of labor will in future be such that VW will have the lead for the small models, Audi for the large and Porsche for the sporty ones.

Module strategy brings considerable cost savings

Overall, the Supervisory board chairman Ferdinand Piƫch promoted module strategy for considerable cost savings. In addition, the Italian brand Lamborghini, which has only had small numbers of units so far, can operate profitably in the future. At the Ingolstadt subsidiary Audi, according to the report, the focus is primarily on the image transfer offered by access to Porsche modules.

VW wants to integrate Porsche into the group as the tenth brand next year. With the strategic decision, VW is sending an important signal ahead of the general meeting next week, writes the newspaper.


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