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Last year V olkswagen set a sales record against the industry trend. The number of worldwide deliveries rose by 1.1 percent to 6.29 million vehicles compared to the previous year. The global passenger car market share increased from 10.3 percent to 11.4 percent.

Group Sales Director Christian Klingler said on Monday at the Detroit Motor Show , although the industry has bottomed out. But 2010 will also be 'challenging'. The global auto market shows no radical recovery trend. Klingler did not want to make a specific sales forecast. But VW is in an excellent starting position. In addition to the new models, VW is also placing great hopes in new plants in India, Russia and the USA.

VW wants to become the world's largest carmaker

Volkswagen wants by the year Become the world's largest carmaker in 2018 and replace Toyota . VW is currently number three in the world after the Japanese and US car maker General Motors (GM). Toyota and GM have had a difficult year. According to the VW forecast, the individual markets will develop differently in the current year. While growth is expected in China and the USA, there are slumps in Germany and Western Europe after the expiry of government stimulus programs such as the German scrapping bonus.

In 2009, VW benefited above all from its strength in China, Germany and Brazil. In China, the largest single market, the group increased its sales by almost 37 percent to 1.4 million vehicles, while sales in Brazil grew by 8.7 percent to around 688,000 cars. In Germany, thanks to the scrappage bonus, VW increased its sales across the group by 17.5 percent to 1.24 million cars.

Audi with sales decline, Seat problem child

Unter For the individual brands, the Group's core brand Volkswagen Passenger Cars achieved growth of 7.8 percent to 3.95 million vehicles. Skoda was up 1.4 percent to 684,000 cars. Audi , on the other hand, recorded a decrease in sales of 5.4 percent on around950,000 vehicles, but the decline was not as bad as feared.

The Spanish brand is still a problem child. Seat . The sales of the VW subsidiary fell by 8.6 percent to around 337,000 cars, mainly due to the collapse of the Spanish market. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also felt the effects of the economic crisis. Sales fell by almost 21 percent to around 355,000 vehicles.


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