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Volkswagen in China - sales are booming: VW plans to sell two million cars soon

Volkswagen in China - sales are booming
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In no country in the world does VW sell more cars

In May, Volkswagen was able to expand its market share to 17.5 percent. In no country in the world does the company sell more cars. 'We're gaining market share,' said Vahland. 'That makes me confident that we will manage to grow faster than the market.' In the first four months of the year, Volkswagen was able to increase its sales in the Middle Kingdom by 53 percent to 620,500 cars thanks to the government's economic stimulus program. But the strong increase is based on the poor previous year's figures caused by the crisis. A correction is expected by the end of the year. A growth of 50 percent is also 'not healthy,' said Vahland.

Four new VW plants should create capacities

In order to be able to produce more than two million cars in China in the future, Volkswagen is expanding its capacities there with four new plants. Two are under construction in Chengdu, southwest China, and Nanjing, east China. The contract for the third plant with the joint venture partner First Automotive Works (FAW), which is to be built in the boom province of Guangdong in southern China, will be signed on Wednesday. The fourth plant is planned with the other Chinese partner Shanghai Automotive (SAIC). A location has not yet been named. 'In the near future we are at two million vehicles,' said Vahland about the capacities.

While Volkswagen invested 7.8 billion euros in China between 1984 and 2009, it will be six billion between 2010 and 2012 alone Euros. The investments are paid for together with the joint venture partners from the business in China, without Wolfsburg having to help. 'We have always managed to invest out of our cash flow here,' said Vahland. The number of employees in China will rise from 43,100 in the previous year to around 50,000 by the end of this year.

VW electric cars are to be built in China from 2013

Volkswagen intends to produce electric cars up to Launch in China in 2013 or 2014. 'We'll do it locally,' said the China boss. Initially, Vahland sees its use primarily in the public sector, such as taxis or public authorities, and less so in privateTraffic. Vahland called the state financial aid for the purchase of electric vehicles in China announced last week 'one of the largest subsidy programs in the world'. In the five cities of Shanghai, Changchun, Hangzhou, Hefei and Shenzhen, the government pays a subsidy of 50,000 yuan to a maximum of 60,000 yuan, which is the equivalent of 7,350 euros today, for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

The 53-year-old As of September 1st, Vahland will move to the head of the Czech subsidiary Skoda. His successor in Beijing will be Karl-Thomas Neumann (49), who was most recently responsible for the development of electric cars in Wolfsburg.


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