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Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 in Paris: Ultimate luxury at almost 6 meters

Stefan Baldauf
Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 in Paris
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O ptisch, the study is supposed to reflect the aero design of the Quote the brand and shows itself with an extremely long bonnet, tightly drawn greenhouse and a long sloping roofline that ends in an equally elongated rear. The side view is adorned by a long chrome clip and side sills, which are illuminated by LED light strips. The camera side mirrors are extremely narrow, but the rims are all the larger: They measure 24 inches and are a further development of the rims from the IAA Concept study from 2015. The narrow window strip tapers towards the rear in a window tip, directly behind it is the Maybach -Logo.

There was a Maybach study with the Maybach Exelero many years ago.
Daimler (Leak )
The interior: flowing and organic.

Vision Mercedes- Maybach 6 is a gullwing

While the front overhang is quite small, the rear end comes with a large overhang. The small chrome-rimmed rear window is divided and is supported by a strong onesharply defined bead. Another brake light is enthroned on top of it. The rear view looks a bit like a modern interpretation of the 540K Autobahnkurier from 1934. A long and narrow LED light strip characterizes the rear, as do the chrome applications and the black diffuser.

At the front, the Vision Mercedes Maybach has 6 narrow LED headlights that give the luxury coupé an aggressive face . The bumper also has two aerodynamic guide surfaces to the right and left of the new grille.

It is extremely wide and high - and is dominated by vertical chrome struts. It is supposed to be a reinterpretation of the Maybach grill and will certainly be seen in future models. A Maybach lettering sits prominently below the Mercedes star. The bonnet has strong beads and chrome strips.

Daimler (Leak)
You can see the narrow ribbon of windows and the elongated bonnet.

Maybach 6 with purely electric drive

Speaking of engines: the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is a purely electric car, has four electric motors that permanently drive all four wheels. The batteries are flat and housed in the underbody. They have a charging capacity of 350 kW and can 'tap' electricity for an additional 100 kilometers of range in 5 minutes by quick charging. Otherwise, the batteries can be charged at a socket, at public charging stations or by induction. The total range is 500 kilometers. All other technical information can be found in our table.

As there is a lot of storage space under the elongated 'engine' hood, Mercedes-Maybach has placed a two-piece luggage set there that was made exclusively for the vehicle. In addition, sufficient space has been provided for other accessories such as picnic accessories or personal items.

Series production uncertain

After all, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 has 2 full-grown passengers on board - under There were still 2 children on the jump seats. The fellow travelers spend the travel time in a flowing and organic interior. The bucket seats are integrated, a circumferential display band showsall imaginable vehicle, infotainment and communication data. A large head-up display is also installed. The steering column stands freely in the interior, the driver grips a two-spoke steering wheel and looks at two classic, round cockpit displays on all screens.

In the doors and instrument panel, the traditional wooden trim gives way to the digital control and display surfaces. As a counter-pole to this, elm is used in the area of ​​the floor and creates a noble yachting look. Elmer is the lightest open-pored wood that Mercedes-Benz is currently working on in series production.

Whether the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 will remain just a vision remains to be seen.


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