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Vintage cars as company cars: tax advantages, pitfalls explained

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Oldtimer or youngtimer as a company car
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A ls tax fraud is the classic company car only conditionally suitable. The tax offices watch over the methods of deducting the operating costs of the classic car with eagle eyes. It becomes particularly delicate when the classic is also used privately.

That's why we're looking for you!

Oldtimers are a way of saving taxes for companies and traders. We are looking for an auto motor und sport article for people who have fought their way through the tax jungle for their vintage company car. Please email us your experiences with the subject “Oldtimer-Dienstwagen” to: Redaktion_ams@motorpresse.de

essene representation expenses ”assessed. These are therefore not deductible (Az. 6 K 2473/09).

In the event of a dispute, the oldtimer with an H license plate was used for operational purposes in 2004 and 2005. The owner used it four times to visit customers and moved it 539 km. Other journeys were used for refueling, the TÜV approval and an inspection. The tax office refused to claim the costs with reference to Section 4 (5) sentence 1 no. 4 in the Income Tax Act. Accordingly, expenses for fishing and hunting, for motor and sailing yachts and for similar purposes must not reduce profit. The court saw the use of such a classic car as a “similar purpose” because it was similar to “private life”. Not a single decision, by the way, because this is how the Münster Social Court (Az. 4K 4855/08) ruled in a similar case.

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