VI. Rallye Classico Isla Mallorca 2010

Rally Clásico Isla Mallorca
VI. Rallye Classico Isla Mallorca 2010
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2 In 005 the first Rallye Classico Isla Mallorca was organized by the motorsport-loving Mallorcan organizer Antonio Deczallar and his team. Its aim is to give all historical motorsport activists the opportunity to get to know and enjoy the beautiful landscape from the car. Especially at a time of the year when nature on Germany's favorite island is at its most beautiful.

At the sixth Rallye Classico Isla Mallorca, from March 25 to 27, 2010, a maximum of 80 Participants can experience rallying at its finest with their historic vehicles. In three days, highly demanding special stages have to be completed on closed routes. One of the highlights is the 'Sa Calobra' mountain test, one of the most beautiful serpentine roads that ends after a length of 14 kilometers in the famous 'Krawattenkonten'.

Over 400 kilometers across the island

All exams are connected by over 400 km of picturesque connecting stages across the island, which also - the organizer promises - the culinary aspect in a Mediterranean ambience will certainly not be neglected during lunch breaks. A traditional award ceremony in the Mediterranean gala dinner rounds off this event.

Classics and touring cars built up to 1978

Interesting classics and legendary touring cars built up to year old are allowed to take part 1978. Participants can choose between two categories: in the regularity class, uniformity and precision are required, in the competition class - separated by year of construction - the best time decides br>
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