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Veterama Mannheim 2011: Star rise on the Veterama

Kai Klauder
Veterama Mannheim 2011
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D a bird when it comes to selling on the Veterama marketplace shoot Urs Ernst and Matthias Bröker from Freiburg leave. The two professional dealers came to Mannheim with no less than 19 vehicles, including 13 Mercedes. 'Well, we fully loaded two car transporters and also traveled with two cars on the move. And one, a Mercedes 170S, will come later,' says Matthias Bröker, explaining the major campaign.

The two cars are worth a closer look View, including some special vehicles. For example a 126 that was once used as a diplomatic car in the Japanese embassy. Or an Austin 1300 from 'prominent previous ownership', as Böker says, 'it once belonged to the daughter of a well-known French actor. The name doesn't come to mind, but it was the French Theo Lingen, so to speak.'

Mercedes from 59,000 to over 300,000 kilometers

A Mercedes-Benz 280 SE from 1983 is also noticeable, with 'fantastic equipment', as Urs Ernst says. And indeed, the silver luxury sedan combines almost all the extras that were there at the time: cruise control, ABS, driver airbag, electric seats and all-round windows, automatic air conditioning, headlamp washers and automatic. 'It once belonged to a French manufacturer who gave it to his gardener. But the Portuguese - didn't know what to do with it. 'Too big, too heavy, too much petrol' he complained about the sale,' says Ernst about the origin. The likeable Freiburg native only returned to Germany's southernmost city five years ago after a long stay in France and uses his good connections to get to the rare, little-traveled star carriers in top condition. 'And it's always a good deal of detective work to find such rare cars,' explains Urs Ernst.

The vehicles offered by the two Freiburgers have mileage from 59,000 to over 300,000 kilometers and were only cleaned for the Veterama. 'Well, we don't do tricks, we can't afford that, because we continue to provide service after the sale,' says Böker. This includes a registration service and a 14-day exchange right, which you refer to on your sales notices. 'Our goal is to sell around half of the cars at this Veterama', Urs Ernst sets the bar high, 'then we can save a truck on the return journey. By the way, this is his first time at the Veterama in Mannheim,while his colleague Böker has been coming to Mannheim for years.

In addition to the many Mercedes models, the two of them also have other well-preserved classics on offer. Including two Golf I Cabriolets, two Renault 4s - one of them a rare Savane special model - and a Renault 16. 'It's totally underrated, by the way, it's a really comfortable car,' enthuses Ernst.

Bought again after 32 years - Renault Alpine A310

Wolfgang Dinkelacker's Renault Alpine A310 is in good condition. Only inside you notice that he has collected 87,000 kilometers. The story behind it is exciting: In 1978 the businessman bought the Alpine new - and only drove it for three months. Then he sold it to a friend who drove it for 32 years. And that spring, Dinkelacker bought his Alpine back again. 'It was a nice feeling to buy the same car for the second time,' he says, 'but unfortunately I had to find out that the entry point is too deep for me. It's a shame, but I can't do that anymore. I'll come hardly in and difficult to get out again. That's why she has to go now. ' There is a bit of sadness when he mentions the price: 'I want 11,750 euros. I checked the Internet and they are trading for 16,000 to 18,000 euros - so mine is a bargain.'

Further information and a description of how to get there is on www.veterama.de .


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