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Vehicle inventory continues to grow in 2014: Over 44 million cars on our roads

Vehicle stock continues to grow in 2014
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A utomobile mobility is still very popular in Germany. Compared to 2013, the number of vehicles in Germany grew by around 900,000 units. The total stock consists of 53.7 million motor vehicles (Kfz), 6.7 million vehicle trailers and 2.0 million vehicles with insurance license plates.

VW with the largest vehicle fleet

With 44.4 million and an increase of 1.3%, passenger cars still make up the largest share (82.7%) of the stock. The share of German brands was 65.1 percent. Most of the market shares were held by VW (21.5%), Opel (11.8%) and Mercedes (9.4%). Among the foreign brands, Renault (4.2%), Skoda (3.7%) and Toyota (3.0%) were ahead. (You can find more brand values ​​in the photo show)

The compact class (26.4%), small car (19.9%) and medium class (16.3%) segments cover almost two thirds of the total number of cars from. In terms of drive types, petrol (67.2%) and diesel (31.2%) still determine the population. Alternative drive types, the development of which presented themselves differently, represented a smaller share. Hybrid (107,754 /+ 25.9%) and electric drives (18,948 /+ 55.9%) saw a clear increase. At 494,148 units, the liquefied gas share fell by -1.3 percent to 1.1%. With 81,423 natural gas passenger cars, this share rose by 3.0% to just 0.1 percent.

Cars are getting older

The average age of cars continued to rise and is now 9 years. The number of classic cars continues to grow. As of the reporting date, the KBA had 493,659 cars over the age of 30, of which around 350,000 had H status. According to KBA figures, around 2.2 million vehicles from the fleet are equipped with seasonal license plates.

The most comprehensive vehicle inventory is unsurprisingly in North Rhine-Westphalia, followed by Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. The lowest vehicle inventory is reported in Bremen. (You can find all country values ​​in the table)


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