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Vehicle inventory 2017: almost 64 million vehicles in Germany

Vehicle inventory 2017
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D he entire vehicle stock in Germany is divided into 56 , 5 million motor vehicles and 7.3 million trailers. With 46,474,594 units and an increase of 1.5 percent, the passenger car was again the vehicle class with the largest share.

The German brands VW, Opel, Mercedes, Ford, Audi and BMW were represented most frequently in the portfolio. VW was the brand with the largest share of shares with 21.5 percent, followed by Opel with a share of 9.8 percent and Mercedes with a share of 9.4 percent with a share of 4.4 percent (+7.0%), followed by Renault with a slight decrease compared to the previous year (-0.9%) with a share of 3.9 percent and Toyota with a share of 2.8 percent (+ 0.1%). Off-road vehicles and mobile homes showed a high rate of increase of +8.2 percent each. The compact class (25.9% /+ 0.5%), small cars (19.2% /+ 0.2%) and the middle class (14.5% /- 2.9%) were still on the road most frequently represented.

Electric and hybrid models are on the rise

In the case of cars, petrol (65.5% /+ 1.6%) and diesel (32.8% /+ 0.9%) the most common types of fuel. Electric and hybrid vehicles once again showed significant increases in alternative drive types (+58.3% and +43.1%, respectively). The number of electric cars rose to 53,861 and that of hybrid cars to 236,710 vehicles. The number of plug-in hybrid vehicles grew by +111.8 percent to 44,419.

The number of cars with the currently best emission class Euro 6 rose by +51.8 percent to 9,317,863 units. Their share grew to 20.0 percent, but the largest share was assigned to Euro classes 5 and 4 (28.2% /- 2.7% and 30.8% /- 5.9%).

Cars are getting older

The average age of the cars registered on January 1, 2018 was 9.4 years (previous year: 9.3 years). 674,978 cars (1.5% /+ 12.2%) were more than 30 years old. 477,386 motor vehicles and vehicle trailers were registered with a historical license plate (+ 10.9%). In addition, 2,349,940 seasonal license plates were issued (+ 2.8%). 63,518 vehicles were registered with an electrical license plate on the reporting date. 89.3 percent of the cars were registered for private owners (+1.3%). The share of commercial owners rose by +3.0 percent. The motor vehicle trade was able to show an increase of +2.9 percent to 463,379 units. 238,122 vehicles were registered for vehicle rental. Herethe increase amounted to +6.3 percent. The number of registered commercial vehicles rose by +3.0 percent to a good 5.6 million. These included 3,031,139 trucks (+4.1%), around 211,000 tractor units (+4.4%) and 79,438 buses and coaches (+0.6%).

The stock of motorcycles increased to around 4.4 million. Almost 582,000 motorcycles (13.3%) were registered for women.


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