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Vehicle insurance: These are the vehicle type classes 2015

Motor vehicle insurance
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Liability type class with few changes

N oh the statistics, nothing changes in liability insurance 2015 for 74 percent of the insured, the rest will Reclassified to a new type class, with 14 percent getting worse, 12 percent improving. In most cases, the type class changes by one level.

In comprehensive insurance, everything remains the same for 54 percent of the insured with fully comprehensive insurance. 36 percent can look forward to a lower rating, at 10 percent the contributions could well increase. The situation is similar with partial comprehensive insurance: 53 percent without change, 12 percent have to accept a higher type class, with 35 percent car insurance could be cheaper.

Motor vehicle insurance does not have to get more expensive or cheaper

The type class is one of numerous tariff features that insurers take into account when calculating the insurance premium. The lower the classification in the type class, the more favorable this has on the insurance premium. However, the change in the type class alone does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the development of the entire motor vehicle insurance premium.

In our photo show, we show you some vehicle examples that will be reclassified in the 2015 type classes. If you want to research your car, call up the GDV database at www.typklassen.de.


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