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Väth Mercedes-AMG C 63 T-Model: 700 PS station wagon runs at 340 km / h

Väth Mercedes-AMG C 63 T-Model
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W at the Hösbacher tuner Väth 12,800 euros invested, receives the tuning kit V63RS Export for his Mercedes-AMG C 63 T-model. This includes the individual fine-tuning of the engine electronics with Vmax increase as well as the new turbocharger including a new downpipe and special oil coolers for the engine and transmission. In total, these components elicit 700 hp and 900 Nm of torque from the four-liter V8 biturbo unit. If you let the 700 paws run free, you can catapult the station wagon to 100 km /h in 3.3 seconds. The maximum speed is only reached at over 340 km /h.

The grueling propulsion is accompanied by a very unique sound, because Väth has given the Mercedes station wagon a sports exhaust system with valve control. the sound that escapes from the oval tailpipes can be regulated at the push of a button. The sound experience has to be paid for with 3,440 euros.

The chassis is also being refilled

Those who are fast fast also like being fast again quickly. Accordingly, tuner Väth installs flexible steel brake lines and special sports brake pads including high-performance brake fluid on the Benz at an all-inclusive price of 890 euros.

For added driving dynamics, a thread lowering is also used, which is combined with the standard AMG Ride Control suspension. The springs, which cost 690 euros, lower the suspension by 20 to 40 millimeters.

With its 700 hp, the Mercedes-AMG station wagon can go over 340 km /h.

The Väth-AMG maintains contact with the asphalt via 255 and 285 tires, which are mounted on 20-inch in-house light-alloy wheels. The front axle wheels cost 680 euros each, the rear wheels each cost 780 euros. A mounting kit is also addedwith 250 euros.

Visually, Väth is rather reserved. The carbon package includes a front spoiler to improve aerodynamics and a rear diffuser and is available for 1,980 euros. A roof spoiler lip is in preparation. In the cockpit, however, Väth goes all out. The speedometer scale is extended to 360 km /h, but also costs 1,980 euros plus assembly. The new floor mats for 190 euros are almost a bargain. And whoever opens the total invoice now has to add the VAT everywhere.


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