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Varsovia Concept: Electric luxury liner from Poland

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Varsovia Concept
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B islang the Poles who reside in Warsaw only have design images of the luxury liner revealed. The four-door sedan drawn by Kadler Design is only to be built in a small, limited edition. The look of the Varsivia is rather conventional. Classic limousine shape with a filigree roof structure. The recessed door handles of the upward-opening portals and the diamond pattern in the otherwise smooth front and flanks are striking.

Range is 850 km with Range Extender

The Varsovia is powered by one serial hybrid drive with electric motors on both axles and an internal combustion engine that drives a generator as a range extender, which in turn feeds the battery installed in the vehicle floor. In purely electric mode, the range should be 350 km. If the range extender is thrown on, the total range increases to 850 km. However, the Poles still owe more precise data on the drive. There are already performance figures for this. The almost 2 tonne Varsovia should sprint to 100 km /h in under 5 seconds, the top speed should be well over 200 km /h. Upon request, the Varsovia should also be available in an armored version.

Luxury multimedia interior

Of course, the Varsovia is also future-proof when it comes to the interior. A lot of leather, aluminum, crystals and precious woods should ensure a feel-good atmosphere. Plastic is said to have been completely banned from the interior. A passenger seat has been dispensed with, which creates more space for the rear passengers - at least one. The equipment includes a complete audio-video system, an integrated computer, Internet connection and extensive contact capability with all possible mobile devices. All data is visualized on two 19-inch screens, which become transparent when not in use and which can be folded onto the glass roof. Alternatively, any images can be displayed on the headliner. When folded out, the two displays can be combined to form a panorama display.

The seats themselves are fully electrically adjustable, have a footrest, as well as air conditioning and massage functions. They also adjust their hardness to the passenger via sensors. Other on-board systems are also adaptive and sensor-controlled. Among other things, light, music and climate should automatically adapt to the needs of theAdjust passengers.

The Varsovia will be shown as a prototype at one of the next auto shows. The start of production is planned for 2018. No more than 50 models of the Varsovia should be made a year. Each model should be customized according to customer requirements. Prices have not yet been announced.


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