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Variable number plates are coming in 2012: New opportunities for drivers

Change number is coming in 2012
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N According to information from the Society for Technical Monitoring and the ADAC, this enables Short-term alternating use of two private motor vehicles (max. 3.5 t total weight, including historical ones) with a common license plate in individual traffic. This option is not available for commercial goods and passenger traffic.

A holder can be assigned the license plate number for two vehicles of the same vehicle class. However, experts point out that the license plate may only be used on one of the two vehicles. Seasonal, short-term, export and red license plates cannot be used as swap plates.

Swap license plates are intended to encourage the purchase of a clean second car

The change license plate consists of two parts: the alternate one attached common label part with the approval sticker and the respectively permanently attached vehicle-related part with the HU sticker. The vehicle participating in road traffic must have both license plates. The other may not be parked on public traffic areas. However, this simplified registration of two vehicles is only attractive to owners if the overall package of vehicle type and use, mobility needs and overall costs fits To move traffic for the purchase or use of particularly environmentally friendly means of transport (e.g. electric, hybrid or second vehicles) and for other purposes (vacation trips, longer distances, trips with several people, large or bulky loads, etc.) to move use. The car-enthusiastic multi-person household, which so far has been able to use both vehicles at the same time, only has the choice between classic individual registration of both vehicles or, in the future, restricted mobility with changing license plates.

Lower contribution rates for insurance companies

Since the motor vehicle liability insurance contributions have so far been based on the usual use of traffic areas and duration of use, the insurance industry will probably follow the example of the ADAC concept for variable license plate insurance and introduce it in good time of the change number plate offer cheaper contribution rates: After all, you drive withVehicles equipped with variable license plates are not more often and farther than before, but rather distribute the previous tasks to two vehicles. The Federal Ministry of Finance has so far not been able to bring itself to this point of view, as it fears massive tax losses.

Whether and for whom the exchange label regulation is worthwhile will become apparent when the tax rates and administrative fees are binding and the corresponding insurance contracts Tobe offered. According to the current status, the new registration costs around 105 euros per vehicle: 40 euros material costs, approx. 65 euros administration fees (increase by 3 euros). So it was in any case to be taken from the 'template for the amendment of the vehicle registration regulation, other road legal regulations and the motor vehicle compulsory insurance regulation' which has now been approved by the federal states.

Automobile clubs and expert organizations therefore recommend: wait until all details and costs are bindingly regulated, and then recalculate.

According to the GTÜ, variable number plates are possible in the following classes:

M1: Vehicle for passenger transport with a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver's seat (cars, Van, off-road vehicle, mobile home), permissible total weight up to 3.5 t.

L: Motorized vehicles, small vehicles and motorcycles (including sidecars and trikes) as well as 4-wheeled light vehicles or motor vehicles with permissible Total mass up to 0.4 t and max. Useful power of 15 kW (the batteries are not included in the electric vehicle).

O1: Trailer with a permissible total weight of up to 0.75 t.


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