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Vanguard Roadster: New motorcycle from 2018

Vanguard Roadster
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Vanguard Roadster with more than 100 hp

D But the 'S&S' V2 engine with 1,917 cubic centimeters and an output of 100 hp and a maximum torque of over 150 Nm was less in the foreground - not even the 21 liter tank, the Öhlins fork at the front, the Brembo brake system , the weight of 250 kilos or the wheelbase of 1,664 millimeters.

Instead, the technocratic retro design by chief developer and designer Edward Jacobs, who is not only at Confederate Motorcycle, inspires s has drawn motorcycles for many years, but also studied industrial design and architecture. Eye-catching: The rear rim, consisting of two smoothly polished disks, which tapers in a funnel shape towards the hub. At the front, the counterpart is more open, but hardly less puristic. You won't find an exhaust system, it is hidden under the engine in a panel. In contrast, the single-sided swing arm with integrated cardan drive doesn’t make a mess. The narrow seat bench and the rear end with the all-round LED light are all the more delicate.

Tablet instead of cockpit

And Vanguard is also breaking new ground when it comes to the 'cockpit'. Classic instruments are being replaced by a tablet, and rear-view mirrors by a camera. But let's look ahead and let the LED headlights illuminate the future. The Vanguard Roadster should come on the market from 2018, the price: 29,995 US dollars - that's more than 28,000 euros. Whether the part will come to Europe is questionable.

By the way, Vanguard, as the new motorcycle manufacturer, not only has an experienced motorcycle designer in Edward Jacobs, but also a financially strong investor and motorcycle and sports car fan with his partner Francois-Xavier Terny . Together they founded FXE Industries in New York.


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