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Vanderhall Venice Speedster (2018): Tricycle for real men

Vanderhall Venice Speedster (2018)
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Z admittedly, this story lives from how one lives it winds up. If we now start under the hood and talk about the 1.4-liter turbo engine from GM, then many of you are sure to click away. At least as long as it is not clear which hood we are talking about. And that's why we're starting with the extravagant design of the vehicle - the new Vanderhall Venice Speedster. A vehicle that made the idea of ​​getting around on three wheels a little bit more exclusive. In this case, however, exclusivity cannot be seen from the price. Vanderhall Motor Works is selling the Speedster for around $ 27,000. On the other hand, the driving pleasure is exclusive, because only one person can enjoy it.

The Venice Speedster can be ordered for a $ 1,000 deposit. The first copies should be ready by the end of the year.

In short, the 624 kilo Venice Speedster is the one-man version of the normal Venice, which still has two seats. The ultimate men's tricycle. A toy for everyone who - attention, cheesy picture on the way - like to just go out to clear their heads. This could work with this device - thanks to the deep front panel and the absence of any other panes, it should blow your bad thoughts out of your hairstyle. Even if afterwards you may look a bit like you've been combed with a hammer.

Sufficient equipment

In terms of equipment, there isn't much on board a Vanderhall. Still enough: a 400 watt Bluetooth sound system, a heater, a heated seat, a brown oneLeather, a six-speed automatic and a large wooden steering wheel. So you are adequately equipped for the purist driving pleasure. Now that you are still at it, we also dare to briefly address the engine. In a nutshell: it has 180 hp. Thank you for your attention. By the way, the Venice Speedster can be ordered immediately, but only in the USA and against a deposit of $ 1,000. You would then have to import it yourself. Incidentally, the single-seater is the brand's entry-level model. A Venice R, a Venice Speedster R, the successor to the electric Edison² and the Carmel are planned for the next two years. The “Laguna” variant, including the roof, already exists.

Of course, there is a certain amount of competition even in a branch segment like that of three-wheelers. As further representatives of the genre, the Morgan three-wheeler with its two-liter V2 and the Polaris Slingshot with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder should be mentioned. The performance of the Morgan can only be estimated somewhere between 82 and 115 PS, the Polaris with its GM unit from the Opel GT brings it to 173 PS.


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