Used gas cars: when is it worth buying?

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D he fuel prices for gas cars are tempting and make a difference of up to At 75 cents per liter compared to gasoline, you really want to change - if it weren't for the sometimes hefty additional price for the purchase.

But it doesn't have to be a brand new model, after all, a used one does too. That saves a lot of money - at least at first glance. Gas cars are not cheap on the second-hand market either. This is proven by a study by auto motor und sport. Compared to a comparable gasoline engine, they are traded up to 2,700 euros more expensive. That means: The surcharge is only amortized after many kilometers due to the low fuel costs. Depending on the model, a mileage of more than 60,000 kilometers may be necessary.

15,000 used gas cars on

If you don't let that put you off, you can now look forward to a wide range . At alone, almost 15,000 advertisements for vehicles for gas operation are listed. All interested parties should now clarify what they are looking for. Because the market knows cars for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas (CNG) and differentiates between gas systems ex works and retrofitted vehicles.

Converted cars in particular deserve a closer look. Although every gasoline engine can be converted to gas drive, not every model can withstand this treatment. The reason for this is the higher exhaust gas temperatures in gas operation, which can have a critical effect on the exhaust valves. According to an ADAC survey, the resulting damage only accounts for two percent of all problems with converted gas cars. Often it is only up to the setting of the system what a software update can fix.

Retrofitting only by specialist company

This work should only be carried out by certified companies. Therefore, before buying, it is important to ensure that a specialist company has done the conversion. These special workshops can also answer the question of whether a model is even suitable for gas operation - they have overviews for this.

This question is unnecessary for cars whose engines have already been converted for gas operation at the factory. It stays with the normal used check. A complete checkbook is particularly important here - depending on the model, there may be regulations that a comparable gasoline vehicle does not have.

Court rulings on retrofitting

Conversion to LPG: If a workshop converts a vehicle to LPG, it must check whether it is even suitable for this. It also has to provide information about the risks. If it does not do all of this and if it is damaged, it must also replace it (OLG Frankfurt; Az. 8U211 /05).

Defective gas system and additional costs: In the case of a defective gas system, you can withdraw from the contract, but compensation for additional costs incurred in gasoline operation is not granted without further ado (OLG Oldenburg; Az. 13U59 /11).

Loss of performance after retrofitting: The customer has to accept loss of performance when retrofitting (LG Osnabrück; Az. 2O2244 /09), as it is known that engines do not have the same performance in gas operation like in gasoline mode.


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