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Used Ferrari F40: This applies to the used Ferrari F40

Tom Wood
Ferrari F40 used car tips
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Hardly any other super sports car exudes as much racing car flair as the winged hip flask F errari F40: The uninhibited roaring biturbo V8 suddenly kicks the driver in the back at 4,500 rpm and pushes the two-seater in such a way that there is hardly any time to breathe.

Stubborn transmission and racing car charm

The stubborn five-speed gearbox is more familiar from today Switchability as far away as Maranello from Woking. Suspension comfort, rolling noise and wind noise are more reminiscent of an open formula car than a closed coupé. The choice of materials and the quality of the workmanship are more likely to evoke associations with the Formula 1 company cars of Nigel Mansell and Alain Prost than with the street sports cars of a premium manufacturer.

Whoever ultimately meets on the public road wants to approach the border area, should have informed his undertaker to be on the safe side. The Ferrari F40 was made between 1987 and produced 1,315 times in 1992. Used vehicles only have more than 50,000 kilometers on their glass hump in exceptional cases and start at around 300,000 euros. Despite their advanced age, they are thus far above the original price of 444,000 marks at the time. The speculative hype, which culminated in 2.7 million marks when an F40 went under the hammer at the Christies auction house in London in 1989, will not be forgotten>

The man's dream from the eighties still inspires today with unfiltered racing car flair. On the other hand, the suitability for everyday use tends towards zero. One of the reasons why the super sports cars are square in the collections of wealthy privateers. The long idle times are usually not without consequences.

With the Ferrari F40, you should also pay attention to the regular timing belt change (1,200 euros). Not to forget the replacement of the two rubber tanks: the factory recommends two new tanks every ten years, which costs 10,000 euros. Early F40s liked to stop operating because of a malfunctioning turbocharger, but a customer service measure should long since have been resolved.

Walter Lais, Ferrari authorized dealer from Stuttgart: 'If in doubt, I recommend a serviceto have carried out, with around 5,000 euros you are there. 'Anyone who lets the F40 off the leash has forgotten such thoughts.

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