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Used check: BMW Z4 M Coupé and BMW 1 Series M Coupé

Dino Eisele
BMW Z4 M Coupé, BMW 1 Series M Coupé
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M ia san mia, now red i, luia sog i - who doesn't know them, the pithy sayings of the Bavarians. They are bursting with self-confidence, which is understandable when looking at the sport: BMW, the reigning DTM champion and record champion FC Bayern Munich, provide glamor and glory. The rumbling presence of CSU veteran Franz-Josef Strauss will also not be forgotten - against which the current party leadership cannot even begin to stink. But politics is so boring compared to the Bavarian heavyweights who shout 'buy me' here and now.

Here the BMW Z4 M Coupé, the sleek dandy in a white suit with a red designer shirt, and there the BMW 1 Series M Coupé, the bodybuilder whose massive muscles protrude from the black tank top. Two-seater versus four-seater, vacuum cleaner versus turbo, built in 2006 versus 2012 - the two athletes are not only divided by a lot of facts and figures, but also almost 20,000 euros. The BMW Z4 M Coupé will cost 26,500 euros in the used car check, and the BMW 1 Series M Coupé will cost 44,900 euros. But they are united by the magical letter M - and the six cylinders with 343 and 340 hp, arranged in a row.

After the production stop for the Z4 M in September 2008 (abbreviation E85 /E86), M fans had to go up wait for May 2011. It was only with the 1 Series M Coupé that a compact cracker below the M3 came onto the market.

BMW 1 Series M Coupé only 6,309 times built

From the Z4 successor, the E89 with metal folding roof is still available today not a real M version. The BMW 1 Series M Coupé (abbreviation E82) came in May 2011 and left again in September 2012. The successor M2 is still a while in coming. No reason for a mourning ribbon, because passionate M enthusiasts just have to go online: almost 60 copies of the BMW 1 Series M Coupé are for sale on German online portals - twice as many as the longer-built BMW Z4 M Coupé.

A few clicks of the mouse and two phone calls later, the sport auto crew moves out. In Weinstadt near Stuttgart, the eye-catching BMW 1 Series is parked completely inconspicuously between brightly colored Ferrari, Porsche and gray-blue-silver Tesla Model S. Marc Stowasser, Managing Director of Stowasser & Schmalzried Automobile: 'Only 6,309 built! Many don't even know what a rarity this is, and ask why the A is so expensive. '

With a price of 44,900 euros, the sapphire-black, 40,000-kilometer-old coupé can still be rated as cheap. For some cars will be on the netAlmost 70,000 euros was called up - even if the A student was on the list for 50,500 euros when he made his debut in 2011. Whether that many bills actually go over the counter in individual cases?

500 Nm torque at 1,500 /min

The fact is: it starts at around 37,000 euros, and maybe it's a cheaper one right now Time for the strongest 1. Marc Stowasser's twin brother Jochen also believes this: 'In the long term, the M Coupé has top potential, also because it has no direct predecessor or successor.' That sounds tempting, so open the door and off you go.

But at first nothing works because the engine won't start. Battery empty? Nope, operator error. Pressing the start button is not enough, the key must first be pushed into the slot. Everything wasn't better in the past. With a sonorous throat clearing, the N54 twin turbo of the BMW 1 Series M Coupé reports and hums discreetly from four tailpipes. Rolling warm through the industrial area: The power Bavarian is polished and cultivated - thick trousers are different. Until the first manhole cover tripped the fat 19-inch model.

The town sign disappears in the rear-view mirror, the oil is warm, so pedal to the metal! As if stung by the proverbial tarantula, the BMW 1 Series M Coupé shoots away. The doubly charged straight six unpacks the torque lobe and presses with 500 Nm on the 265 rollers - which really have to fight in the lower gears so that the sheer power doesn't go up in smoke. The mechanical 100 percent lock prevents worse, but even at full throttle from a standstill it cannot work miracles.

Testing the multi-handlebars -Rear axle important

You quickly feel as if you have grown together with the Breitbau Bayern: The sports seats, the manual gearbox, the cockpit, the brakes, everything is very convincingly arranged so that you automatically become an ardent BMW fan . The tank is more than half full, the Nordschleife is only 323 kilometers away, but a glance at the clock warns: The lift is waiting.

Speaking of which: with lap times of 8.15 min in the Green Hell and 1:14.1 min in Hockenheim, the Super 1 is a real force. Ten minutes later the BMW 1 Series M Coupé shows us its underwear: Everything is fresh, nothing is worn out. Despite the wide track, we cannot detect any curb damage on the 9.0 or 10 inch wide aluminum. Tires, brakes, and exhaust system look good too. Workshop foreman Frank Espenlaub recommends checking bearings and rubbers on the complex multi-link rear axle on used 1 series M. 'And the differential shouldn't make any noise.'

This can be particularly noticeable in cars that have often been on the racetrack. It should also be noted that the N54 engine with 340 hp can cause trouble because of a hanging wastegate valve. As a result, the rear turbocharger of the BMW 1 Series M Coupé, which is subject to higher thermal loadsbreak down. The message in the display reads: 'Power loss. You can continue your journey'. We advise: Go straight to the BMW dealer and hope for an accommodating settlement.

BMW Z4 M with legendary S54 in-line six

Wastegate? Turbocharger? What is that, the cast-iron M-trailers will ask, for which only a high-revving gasoline engine comes into question. Like the legendary S54 in-line six with 3,246 cubic meters and 343 hp at 7,900 tours. In addition to the M3, it was also used in the BMW Z4 M, which looks much less striking than the BMW 1 Series M Coupé.

Auto Motiv München GmbH in Bergkirchen offers the white two-seater, which is between chic Audi, robust three-seater convertibles and aggressive Subaru Impreza is hardly noticeable. Managing director Angelos Organlis is looking for the key: 'German car, first hand. The car was driven for a few years in Greece. The previous owner has a holiday home there.'

That's right, the last destinations in the GPS are Athens and Thessaloniki . The used BMWZ4 M Coupé with 90,000 kilometers is said to cost 26,490 euros, but 'it has practically already been sold. A customer from Austria was here yesterday.'

Munich, Greece, Munich, Austria - that is a strong reminder the career of a professional soccer player. Well then, put the key in the ignition and turned it around, how easy it is. The engine: does not run! And this time the battery is really empty. A 12-volt booster saves us and the test lap can begin.

Clutch change on the BMW Z4 M after 90,000 kilometers

Children, how time flies! A good ten years passed between the initial registration and today. Tight interior, outdated DVD navigation system. Drivers over 1.90 meters are amazed at the small adjustment range of the seat. Eyes and hands discover slight wear and tear on the aluminum covers in the cockpit and on the armrest - completely normal given the age and the mileage.

'The armrest can be straightened for 80 euros. There are new tires on the back front brakes have already been made, 'says owner Organlis. 'And the clutch is still replaced, it rarely lasts longer than 90,000 kilometers.'

The plastic panels behind the passengers creak as much as they can. It's good that the engine is not quiet - and is now warm, as you can see wonderfully on the LED on the rev counter. A clang, sawing, roaring, trumpeting, milling: if you don't like this acoustics, you've probably bought the wrong magazine at the kiosk. Goosebumps guaranteed!

When the S54 six-cylinder climbs the speed ladder and switches to attack at just under 5,000, the red leather seats are in a good mood. Grandfathers will rave about this engine with wet eyes. The orange area starts at 7,500, the red at 8,000 tours - any questions?

Six-speed manual gearboxrequires a strong hand

Unlike the BMW 1 Series M Coupé, the Z4 M wants to be ridden with a hard hand. The carriage bucks, tumbles and never leaves the occupants in the dark about what is going on under the four tires. Even after a few quick corners you can feel that the limit area is narrow. Whoever activates the DCS should be able to turn the steering wheel quickly and correctly. But you sit deep and perfectly integrated and quickly become one with the Coupé.

The six-speed manual transmission requires a strong hand. Without a little practice coordinating the throttle and clutch, starting the traffic light can become an embarrassing slapstick act. Engine dead or howling plus screeching tires - there is only a fine line in between. The BMW Z4 M is honest skin: real sports car instead of ice cream parlor cruiser.

In addition to checking all chassis rubbers, it is worth taking a look in the checkbook: Frequent ones Oil changes indicate many racetrack visits. If the six-cylinder has been driven abundantly and for a long time in the upper engine speed range, it will also require new lubricant more often. A BMW Z4 M Coupé is no different from the M3. But there is no trouble with the SMG gearbox - it was never on offer with the Z4.

Question of trust

Powered by BMW M: The BMW 1 Series M Coupé fully lives up to this promise: As a one hundred percent BMW concentrate, as an energy drink on four wheels with turbo boost, the four-seater with its broad cheeks won't leave any horsepower junkie cold. The BMW Z4 M is in no way inferior to this: Excessive revving instead of turbo is its motto, and it is also edgier and rougher when driving.

Both top-motorized Bayern coupés have one thing in common: a solid financial background should be available Otherwise the maintenance costs will quickly eat you up. Both cars take over 13 liters of Super Plus per 100 kilometers when driven quickly. The service life of the rear tires depends heavily on the severity of the accelerator. A Michelin Pilot Sport in 265/35 R 19 for the BMW 1 Series M Coupé costs around 270 euros. When it comes to insurance tariffs, the 1 Series is ahead with VK 28, while the Z4 counters with TK 29. Those who can afford all of this can look forward to unfiltered driving fun.

Sporty alternatives

Audi TT RS

The supercharged inline five-cylinder has 340 hp in no way inferior to the two BMW M Coupés. The Über-TT also guarantees endless fun in terms of sound and traction (Quattro). 2009 models recently fell below the 30,000 euro threshold.

Nissan 370Z

Six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine in V-arrangement, 3.7 liter displacement and 330 hp: ThePaper data for the Nissan 370Z read just as convincingly as the number 18,000 - you don't necessarily have to spend more euros on the used Nippon sports car.

Porsche Cayman /Boxster

In order to be able to keep up with the performance, the S models of the mid-engined sports car should be the focus. Depending on the model year, 280 to 320 hp are offered. Early cars from 2005 with plenty of kilometers on the clock start at 18,000 euros.


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