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Used cars: vehicles with automatic transmissions

Used cars with automatic transmission
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E inst attached a pensioner image to vehicles with automatic transmissions. Those who wanted to make progress halfway dynamically avoided models with a slow automatic converter. But those times are over now.

Automatic transmissions consume only marginally more than manual switches

Those who do without the clutch pedal no longer have to atone with seemingly endless shift pauses. Last but not least, the dual-clutch transmissions such as the DSG from Volkswagen now combine comfort with dynamism. With the shift paddles on the steering wheel, there is even a touch of racing in the cockpit of normal everyday cars.

Nowadays you have to accept a little compromise in terms of dynamics at best in the small car sector. The automatic does not really encourage temperament, especially in the case of models with a somewhat weak motor. However, here too the introduction of automated manual transmissions has improved a lot. With all the technical advances, however, there are two things that speak against the automatic system according to the prevailing opinion of the regulars: price and additional consumption. At least for the latter, the all-clear can be given: Modern automatic transmissions consume only marginally more, if at all, than their manually shifted sister models.

Especially with automated shifting processes, manufacturers promise no additional consumption or even slightly better consumption behavior - not least because the electronics have a better grip on gear changes than the average driver.

Used cars with automatic transmissions are in short supply

Above all, it is the sometimes high surcharge for new cars that stands in the way of the further spread of the automatic in many vehicle segments. It ranges from around 600 euros for small cars to over 2,000 euros for models in the upper mid-range.

For used car buyers, this means that, depending on the model, they have a little more patience when looking for a vehicle and, of course, spend more time in their pockets have to grab. Even if the surcharge for second-hand models is no longer as high as for a new car, an additional price of EUR 1,000 is no exception. In any case, not every manufacturer offers every model in every engine with automatic transmission. For the VW Polo of the generation between 2001 and 2009, it was only available for the 1.4 and 1.6 liter petrol engines. Diesel drivers came away empty-handed. From this point of view, it is not just a question of the decisionfor the automatic, but sometimes also against the desired motorization.


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