Used cars: This is what used SUVs cost

Hans-Dieter Seufert
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O b now the high sitting position, the large trailer load, additional load reserves or simply having fun with a cult car are the deciding factors for purchase, is an open question. There are many reasons to buy an off-road vehicle. But since fuel prices reached record highs last year, demand has plummeted, as used car prices show.

Bad pollutant classifications depress the value for used off-roaders

The value is also depressed by the sometimes poor pollutant classification: Many off-roaders only manage the requirements of the Euro 3 standard and therefore only receive the yellow sticker. This means that entering many environmental zones will soon be a problem, and soot particle filters are not available for all models. Therefore, you should get an overview of the current situation before buying.

When deciding on a used off-road vehicle, you are often spoiled for choice: Should it be more of a SUV , the more car-like performance and promises comfort, or would you prefer a character actor who does not shy away from any terrain, no matter how difficult, but who demands a certain willingness to compromise when it comes to everyday suitability?

Used off-road vehicles: check the underbody before buying

In any case, prospective buyers should not disregard the mandatory notice that the car is never off-road been to be fobbed off. Trust is good, but control is better. Scratch marks on the underbody are usually a clear sign that the off-roader was used in a species-specific manner. Increased clutch wear can then be a concomitant phenomenon, especially in cars with manual transmissions.

The entire drive train often suffers from frequent use as a towing vehicle. Particular caution is required with off-road vehicles that have been prepared for rough tours with all kinds of accessories such as underrun protection or snorkels. Nobody does that out of joke. As a result, you should specifically ask what has been done with the vehicle.

Excursions into the North African desert are nothing unusual, especially with robust vehicles like Land Rover Defender or Mercedes G.Such tours in mostly fully loaded cars over rough slopes lead to much higher signs of wear than a family vacation on the Italian Adriatic.


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