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Used cars: the Ford Galaxy / S-Max second hand

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Five centimeters make the biggest difference between the 4.82 meter long Ford Galaxy and the shorter one Ford S-Max . In addition, it not only has a slightly more dynamic sheet metal look, but also a less burdened name. Because the F ord Galaxy of the first generation was noticed negatively due to numerous security-related quality problems. According to the Dekra deficiency report, it is worse than the class average in all respects.

The Ford S-Max did not cut a good figure in the long-term test

This reputation may stick with the car even after the model change. Wrongly, because the Ford Galaxy of the second generation ranks third in the current analysis - at least in terms of safety - and clearly above the van average. But that is only one side of the coin, as the auto motor und sport endurance test of the technically identical brother Ford S-Max shows over 100,000 kilometers: the van with the popular 140 hp diesel had to go to the workshop eight times. In addition to the four-times bitching of the parking heater, which was subject to a surcharge, the clogged soot particle filter twice forced the pit stop due to loss of performance and uneven engine running.

Interested parties should take a closer look at the Ford Galaxy

In the workshop, the filter had to be regenerated using the diagnostic device. In addition, engine failures were annoying over the entire test distance. A valve in the brake line was replaced as part of a recall campaign. Falling cladding also indicates a somewhat loveless processing in detail. Not an isolated case, as readers' letters show. If you can live with the quirks and need space for up to seven occupants, you should take a closer look at the Ford Galaxy. Especially since the price difference to the Ford S-Max for used vehicles is less than 1,000 euros.

The 140 hp diesel is the most economical drive for the Ford Galaxy

It's worth buying the big brother. Overall, the van still plays a minor role on the used market around three years after its market launch. The offer is also relatively clearWhen it comes to the engine range: the two petrol engines (145 and 160 hp) are overwhelmed by the size of the car and are accordingly thirsty. The crowd has the 140 hp diesel under the hood. It combines decent driving performance with a reasonable consumption of around seven liters /100 km.


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