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Used Cars: Small vans in the used car market

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N of course it depends always depends on the personal circumstances, how much car you need. But with four doors, a flexible interior and enough space for travel and bulk shopping, small vans cover most requirements for daily mobility. After all, an astonishing volume can be accommodated over a length of around four meters with consistent use of the floor space, and the elevated seating position is not only appreciated by seniors.

Small vans are usually cheap to maintain

At least as important in a used, small van is a variable rear seat, which allows more space for passengers or luggage to be created as desired. The Opel Meriva, which has just been replaced, can be seen as a prime example of a small van. If not all three seats are required in the rear, the middle one can be folded away and the two outer ones can be moved both inwards and backwards. This means that shoulder and leg room can be varied according to the needs of the occupants.

In addition to the clever interior, what speaks for the space miracles, which are usually based on a small car, is that they are comparatively cheap to maintain. Even the basic engines of the small vans are completely sufficient for everyday use and are also mostly economical in consumption. The more expensive diesel variants, however, only pay off with higher annual mileage.

Small vans as used cars with a high depreciation

The low price level seems astonishing for some representatives of small vans. So you get a five-year-old, usually well-equipped Renault Modus for 5,000 euros. Even in the basic version, it cost around 12,000 euros. Depreciation: at least 58 percent. For comparison: a smaller Clio loses about 54 percent. Obviously, many car buyers have not yet realized how much car can be accommodated in a length of around four meters.

In our photo show, we show you which small vans are currently available on the used car market and what to look for when buying should.


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