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Used cars Notchback sedans: It doesn't always have to be a station wagon

Hens-Dieter Seufert
Used cars notchback sedans
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N ot just the horsepower, the comfort, that Design or price are decisive when buying a used car. The space available also often plays an important role in the decision. But if you want a well-preserved car with attractive equipment, enough power under the bonnet and a large amount of space at a reasonable price, you often get a long face after the search. Although station wagons, SUVs and vans meet the wishes of customers, it is precisely these types of car that are in demand on both the new and used car market. This means that prospective buyers spend a long time looking for good offers.

What many forget, however, is that there is a solution to this problem, namely the so-called notchback sedans are a worthwhile alternative. They are available in different segments and offer what many are looking for: comfort, performance and plenty of space. For example, some mid-range models provide a trunk volume of more than 500 liters and thus beat models from higher segments in this chapter. The Ford Mondeo is such a candidate, it offers more luggage space than the BMW 5 Series Touring of the previous generation - but only if the rear row of seats in the upper middle class estate car is not folded down.

Notchback sedan up to 4,000 euros cheaper

On top of that, notchback sedans are more than attractive in terms of price, because they do not occupy the top ranks among customers in the image evaluation. As a rule, the combination offshoots enjoy a greater reputation. The bestseller VW Passat is a good example of this: the Variant version of this mid-range model has a share of over 80 percent in Germany alone.

This is good news for bargain hunters. Because in order to sell the notchback sedans, the trade sets the prices low. In the Passat, the difference between the notchback version and the estate version is up to 4,000 euros - based on the same vehicle age and comparable equipment and engine. This is not an isolated case. With the Skoda Octavia, Opel Insignia, BMW 5 Series or Ford Mondeo, the difference is similarly high, to name other examples. On average, vehicle buyers have to reckon with acquisition costs of at least 9,000 euros.

Compact limousines with large luggage space

Asks only one moreQuestion: Which notchback sedans make the best technical impression? A look at the Dekra used car report shows several models that are considered good or particularly reliable. auto motor und sport presents ten notchback representatives that are convincing on the market not only in terms of quality, but also because of their trunk volume. These are mainly models from the middle class, upper middle class and upper class.

The compact notchback sedans should also be mentioned at this point. These cars usually also promise a large luggage space. The previous generation VW Jetta, for example, an offshoot of the Golf, provides owners with a volume of 527 liters - that's more than an Opel Insignia and even more than a VW Phaeton. However, the range of used notchback sedans from the compact car sector is not large, which is why they are priced to compete with some mid-range models.


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