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Used cars - mid-range station wagons as leasing returns

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E in the statistics of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) shows: Around 70 percent of all new mid-range cars are company cars.

As leasing returns, they turn into bargains

No wonder, as they combine long-distance suitability with a decent load volume as a combination. If it weren't for the high price level: The brand-new German premium products in particular hardly contain anything below 30,000 euros - too much for most families.

It looks different in their second life: as leasing returns, they transform get in bargain. The extensively equipped cars can hardly be marketed at the residual value they once calculated. The constant supply leads to a supply that far exceeds the demand, so prices fall. The fact that export markets such as Eastern Europe are buying fewer cars in times of financial crisis is aggravating. You can find three to four year olds Audi A4 , BMW 3er or Mercedes C-Classes with around 100,000 kilometers of mileage for around 13,000 euros, that is, at the price of a small car.

8,000 euros are enough to move up to the middle class

If it doesn't necessarily have to be a German luxury brand, 8,000 euros can be enough Advancement into the middle class of automobiles, for example on board a Ford Mondeo tournament. Because the market is dominated by diesel models, infrequent drivers who are looking for a gasoline engine have to live with less choice on the used market. After all: With vehicles built from 2006 onwards, you don't need to worry about problems with environmental zones. At this point in time, the Euro 4 classification became a prerequisite for approval, and so all cars will get the green from this dateEnvironmental badge. Thanks to the widespread use of the middle class, particle filters including installation are available for less than 1,000 euros for many older models.


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