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Used cars: Mercedes M-Class in the deficiency report - The comfortable one

Photo: Hans-Dieter Seufert
Defects report for used Mercedes M-Class vehicles
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Inadequate corrosion protection, cheap-looking interior and spongy driving behavior disappointed customers, as did rattling noises and oil leakage Engine. Also the Mercedes ML 270 CDI , the a uto motor und sport traveled over 100,000 kilometers, had to visit the workshop four times outside of the schedule. After all, Mercedes succeeded in eliminating the most pressing problems as part of a facelift in autumn 2001.

Interested parties should therefore not consider earlier years of construction. A seven-year-old ML 270 CDI with a mileage of 80,000 kilometers will rarely be found for less than 15,000 euros, but is usually quite fully equipped. Many former station wagon drivers switched to the ML when choosing a car because they were just as enthusiastic about the enormous amount of space as the flexible interior and all-wheel drive.

This makes the SUV not only a great holiday vehicle for winter sports, but also a suitable towing vehicle for trailers. Those who can afford it opt ​​for the successor introduced in 2005 - and not just because its driving behavior is similar to that of Mercedes sedans. An ML 320 CDI built in 2006 with 80,000 kilometers on the clock starts at around 24,000 euros. There are comfortable seats, an economical engine and comfortable suspension.

As well as processing at the level of the brand standard - even though it, like the technically related offshoots R and GL is again being manufactured in the USA. Only those who actually have to go off-road with the ML should opt for a model with an off-road package including air suspension, differential locks, reduction and underride protection.


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