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Used cars Land Rover Defender: the original off-road vehicle

Used vehicle Land Rover Defender in deficiency report
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E in Land Rover Defender is not an SUV or a lifestyle vehicle with a cult look. If you value comfort, foolproof driving characteristics or modern safety equipment, you should put your make-up on buying a used Landy.

The Land Rover Defender is a case for convicts

The standard meter of an off-road vehicle built since 1948 with minor technical changes is a case for convicts, who are ready to get involved with his peculiarities. It starts with the sitting position that has been moved to the left, which leaves little room for the arm, and doesn't stop with the high bench in the second row, which makes it difficult for adults to look out of the window. Airbags and ESP are not available, even ABS costs around 2,000 euros extra for new cars. Those who accept this will find a robust companion in the generation built between 1999 and 2006 with the 122 hp five-cylinder turbodiesel (Td5) that does not shy away from heavy off-road use.

Although the demand is falling, the price level remains high

However, only the models recognizable by the round reversing light from 2002 meet the requirements of the yellow sticker . Retrofit particle filters are currently not available. The green badge is only available for the models with the four-cylinder diesel introduced in March 2007 by Ford (Td4). However, they do not yet play a role in the used car market. Although the currently falling demand for off-roaders is also on the Land Rover Defender not without a trace Has passed, the price level remains high. For a 110 station wagon, built in 2005, you have to calculate around 20,000 euros. The short 90 is around 1,500 euros cheaper.


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