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Used car Volvo XC 90 in the deficiency report

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Defects report for used Volvo XC 90
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Interior with signs of use

In January 2006, the Volvo was registered for the first time, and since then it has covered 38,619 kilometers. A comparatively low mileage for a former company car, which is reflected in the demanded price of 28,890 euros. However, the XC 90 has not mastered its life so far flawlessly: The driver's seat and the lower part of the inner lining of the tailgate as well as the wheels show age-typical signs of use.

The black SUV in the Momentum version offers popular extras such as automatic, xenon, leather seats, auxiliary heating and 18-inch alloy wheels. However, the buyer has to forego the two additional seats in the spacious loading compartment as well as a permanently installed navigation system, for which a portable solution is included in the price


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