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Used car type advice: which one is right for you?

Beate Jeske
Used vehicle type advice
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H and heartily: In addition to rational arguments, emotions also play a role when buying a car a crucial role. Here you will find tips - depending on whether you want to follow the mainstream, treat yourself to something classy, ​​a cult classic or even a rather unreasonable fun car.

Used cars for beginners

Low costs are in the foreground for beginners. After all, the insurance premiums are high. Small cars are therefore the first choice. But that doesn't mean that you have to forego fun.


There is space for one Family never enough. If the offspring is small, a stroller has to be in the trunk and the bulky child seats also need to be stowed away. But it doesn't always have to be a van.

Used cars for singles

Singles don't need more than jump seats in the back. Smart styling is often more important than practical use. And there is now a suitable used car in every price class.

Double earner

It is not uncommon for double earners Driving fun in the foreground, you can afford it. Couples like to use cars that don't stand in the way of family planning or that are good investments.


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