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Used car Renault Scénic in the deficiency report: ample space

Photo: Hans-Dieter Seufert
Defects report for used Renault Scénic
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In addition, the Renault Scénic lets you forget old prejudices about the quality level of the French brand. In the Dekra examinations, it usually comes off
b better than the competition. Scénic drivers only complain more of crackling and rattling noises. The rather cheap interior materials are also annoying.

The quality level increased noticeably with the 2003 model change. Another big improvement: The flat, ergonomically inconveniently placed steering wheel and the uncomfortable seats of the first model have been significantly improved. In addition, the Scénic generation, which was replaced in 2009, offers more extensive safety equipment. The designers have let off steam a little too much with the cockpit design. Operation seems more complicated, and the digital displays built into the middle are not really easy to read.

The price of used Scénic starts at around 6,000 euros after the model change in 2003 and with a maximum mileage of 100,000 km. For this, however, there is mostly only the 1.4 or 1.6 liter gasoline engine. For the recommended small diesel 1.5 dCi at least 1,000 euros more are due. Two-liter petrol engines quickly cost up to 9,000 euros, the same applies to the more powerful diesels. The larger version, Grand Scénic, is usually also traded around 1,000 higher than the normal Scénic. What makes it special: it has two seats in the third row that can be completely lowered into the floor. The first Scénic generation is now hardly represented on the market. Models with acceptable mileage cost from 2,500 euros.


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