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Used car preparation: This is how the old one becomes like new again

Used vehicle preparation
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Minimize rust risk

D directly above the fender, between the bonnet and the windshield, leaves and other greens are often stored for weeks and months. You should remove that, otherwise more and more moisture will build up, which can lead to rust.

A polish protects the paint

Only use a paint polish without a lot of abrasives, otherwise you will scratch the car. Get another polishing cloth. In the second step, a wax is applied to seal the paint. This is especially important in winter because it protects against the aggressive road salt.

Thoroughly clean the rims

Pay attention Be sure to get an acid-free rim cleaner for your rims. Cleaners that contain acid also attack the dirt effectively, but in the long term they are not good for the rims, since they are also attacked.

Remove dirt from tires

Grab a bucket of warm water, a sponge and a mild soap solution for the tires. If you want, you can carefully apply a professional tire paint from a specialist dealer. Do not use silicone spray under any circumstances.

Clear view through clear water

Rinse off the dirt with plenty of clear water Water down so that the dirt particles don't scratch the glass. Then put the window cleaner on it and clean. Rinse everything off again afterwards. Tip: Lower the window and clean the edge too.

Carefully wash the engine compartment

Leave that Remove your fingers from washing the engine compartment with a pressure washer. The high pressure can damage the electronics. Take a water hose, rinse all dirty surfaces with little pressure once and rub everything with a sponge.

Plastic surfaces again Shine

A little tip to make old plastic look like new again: spray with silicone spray. After the engine compartment is thoroughly clean, grab the silicone spray and carefully apply it to all plastic surfaces.

Clean the ventilation slots

With a couple of cotton swabs in her pocket, Tanja causes a surprise: With this, the dirt can easily be wiped out of the louvres of the ventilation slots.

Clean the floor mats on both sides

Take the floor mats out and clean them best with a washing brush. Rubber mats are also suitable Caution: Also clean under the mats because the dirt there will ruin the vehicle carpet in the long run.

Clean seats without residue

Cleaning foam works, but unfortunately often leaves behind unsightly residues. The better alternative is a wet vacuum cleaner that can be borrowed in drugstores, for example at dm, for just under 20 euros.


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