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US sales figures in September: Germans are growing strongly

US sales figures in September
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I In August, VW had to accept a temporary decline of almost eight percent. Since the beginning of the year, VW sales in the USA have increased by 20.6 percent to 192,690 vehicles. The VW subsidiary Audi was also on a growth course.

Mercedes, Porsche and BMW strongly in the plus

BMW, Daimler and Porsche did even better in September: Daimler sold its core brand Mercedes -Benz 20,666 vehicles, as the company announced in Montvale, New Jersey. This corresponds to an increase of 22 percent on the same month last year. It was the best month for Mercedes in the US this year. In addition to the Mercedes sedans, the figures also include sales of the Sprinter van.

The increase in the high-quality E and S-Class Mercedes models was particularly large. Most of the cars were sold again from the C-class. Since the beginning of the year, Mercedes-Benz has sold a good 22.1 percent more cars in the USA. The Stuttgart-based company sold a total of 165,355 vehicles between January and the end of September.

The Munich car manufacturer BMW increased its sales on the US market significantly in September. Overall, sales increased by 20.5 percent to 23,112 vehicles compared to the same month last year, the Dax group announced on Friday in Woodcliff Lake. Sales of the core BMW brand increased by 21.1 percent to 18,228 vehicles. In the nine months since the beginning of the year, this means an increase of 9.2 percent to 157,464 vehicles. Sales of the British subsidiary Mini rose by a little more than 18 percent to 4,884 cars, which represents a small decrease of 1.2 percent since January.

The sports car manufacturer Porsche also increased again on the US market: The Stuttgart-based company increased their sales compared to the same month last year by a quarter to 1,971 vehicles. There was again particularly great interest in the new generation of the Cayenne SUV: 808 cars of this model were sold in September, 51 percent more than a year ago. The Panamera was also doing well, with less demand for the classic 911 and the mid-engine series with the Cayman and Boxster models.

Also Audi with growth

The VW subsidiary Audi continued in September continued on its growth path in the USA and also reported a record quarter. In September, 8,151 cars were sold, 13.1 percent more vehicles than in the corresponding month of the previous year, the group announced on Friday in Ingolstadt. In the past quarter, a total of 25,150 cars were sold, as many vehicles asnever before in a third quarter. From the beginning of January to the end of September, sales rose by 23.6 percent to a total of 73,590 vehicles.

The US car maker Ford reported a big jump in sales. The company sold 46 percent more cars in September than in the same month last year - the number was 160,873. Ford continues to manage to take shares in the US market from its larger rival General Motors (GM). But GM was also able to increase its sales by 10.5 percent and sell 173,155 vehicles. Don Johnson, Vice President for US Sales at the largest American automaker, called the development after the bankruptcy last year as sustainably positive.

Chrysler with solid growth

The Asian competitor Toyota sold 147,162 cars in the same period, increasing sales by 16.8 percent. Chrysler made a huge leap: The third largest American car manufacturer - now under the leadership of Fiat - posted an increase of 61 percent in sales. It sold 100,077 vehicles.

The big month-on-month gains are mainly due to the fact that September last year was a bad month for the American auto industry. At that time the US equivalent of the German scrapping bonus ('Cash for clunkers') had just expired - the new car business was taking a break and the dealers' warehouses were emptied.


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