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US sales figures - Ford overtakes General Motors: Ford overturns GM from the sales throne

US sales figures - Ford overtakes General Motors
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Ford sales manager Ken Czubay made the success on Tuesday on the turned inside out model range. Ford is moving away from fuel guzzlers and towards smaller cars.

Recovery in the US market continues

Above all, the Fusion mid-range sedan and the comparatively light SUV Explorer found huge sales among American customers. Ford also offers both cars as hybrid versions. 'The good news is we're bringing out more new products and fuel-efficient drives this year,' said Czubay. In his opinion, the good run should therefore continue.

The entire US auto market continued the recovery from the previous months in February. According to the market researcher Autodata, total sales rose by 13 percent to a good 780,000. GM only benefited to a limited extent from the return of the desire to buy. The largest American manufacturer for decades sold just under twelve percent more cars. Ford's sales, meanwhile, increased by 43 percent.

The trick succeeded Ford , although heavy snowfall on the populous east coast had paralyzed public life for weeks. Corporate customers were not bothered by the uncomfortable weather. They ordered plenty for their fleets, while many private customers preferred to stay at home.

Toyota burglary is limited

The feared drop in sales at Toyota was within limits. With 100,027 units, Toyota sold almost nine percent fewer vehicles in February than a year ago. Industry observers had assumed a higher slump because of the series of breakdowns. Toyota countered this with discounts. According to calculations by the Edmunds.com car marketplace, the Japanese manufacturer gave an average discount of $ 1,833 per car.

The competition also attracted buyers with high discounts. Chrysler was able to stop the downward trend of the past few months and keep sales stable at 84,449 cars. While the rivals have been gaining ground since the end of last year, the smallest of the three US automakers is still fighting for customer confidence. Like GM, Chrysler slipped into bankruptcy last year and was only able to free itself from it thanks to government aid worth billions. Now, under the leadership of the Italian Fiat group the restart succeeded.

Germans can grow

The German automakers, albeit they through the bank, play only a subordinate role in the mass market in the USA. The American and Asian manufacturers have divided the field. The sizes include Nissan , Honda or Hyundai .

In the premium class, BMW or Mercedes has a permanent place. Most recently, all-terrain vehicles such as the have sold in Bavaria X5 better. With the new E-Class score. In contrast, the small car daughters Mini and Smart is comparatively bad for Americans.

BMW sold a total of 17,971 cars, Daimler 15,827. The third German premium manufacturer Audi made a gain of almost a third to 6,216 cars. The bestseller is and will remain the mid-range sedan A4 .

VW as the only mass manufacturer in the US launched 18,116 cars. Almost half of the vehicles sold were mid-range sedans of the type Jetta .Group sister Porsche put in at least a few more with 1,531 cars from than last year. In addition to the off-road vehicle Cayenne , the wealthy clientele took hold especially with the new sedan P anamera to.


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