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US presidential sedan: Barack Obama's new company car

US presidential sedan
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D he GM subsidiary Cadillac is particularly proud of its tradition To be able to continue building the official vehicles for the US President. The new Caddy One replaces the Cadillac DTS, which has been available to the Bush administration since 2004.

DTS look remains

Traditionally, the flow of information to the new company car is also canceled - namely low. Everything about the black giant is treated like a state secret. Externally, the new one also seems to be based on the Cadillac DTS. The vehicle length remained unchanged according to GM information, but the new one rises higher to improve clarity. Design quotes on the front and rear of younger models such as the CTS ensure a fresher look. The color scheme, on the other hand, remains classic - black is still the only possible variant. For all those who still do not immediately recognize which limousine is passing by, the Cadillac One has LED-illuminated standards on the front fenders. In addition, numerous presidential logos indicate the importance of the mission.

Missile-proof office

Connoisseurs suspect a truck platform from the GM group under the sheet metal, because other substructures would come with the enormous additional weight not clear due to the suspected 13 centimeter thick bulletproof glass and twelve centimeter thick steel protection planking as well as high-strength steels, multi-layer high-strength fabric mats and multi-layer explosive mats. So that the fortress also rolls, a large-capacity V8 engine with an estimated 500 hp works under the front hood.

In the interior, the presidential office can be wrapped in hand-cut and hand-sewn leather. A seating system in the rear with armchairs opposite creates a conference atmosphere. Complete multimedia office equipment makes it possible to carry out state-sponsored business on the go.

Hybrid for private use

One can speculate about the further equipment of the presidential limousine: There are smoke cannons and a bug-proof cabin among other things the speech. It is certain that the Cadillac One should also withstand heavy rocket fire, should it ever happen.

In his private life, Obama drove a Chrysler 300C Hemi with a 5.7-liter V8 until 2008, but then switched to it the pressure of the public and in conformity with the self-set climate protection goals for a Ford Escape Hybrid.


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