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UPS is testing Arrival electric delivery vehicles

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E There are also electric car start-ups in the field of commercial vehicles. The London company Arrival is one of them. The team to which i.a. Former employees of established and newer automakers such as Aston Martin, Audi and Jaguar and Tesla are developing an electrically powered panel van.

Delivery and courier services as well as parcel deliverers are the core target group for commercial vehicles with electric motors. The lower range compared to diesel does not pose a problem for the vehicles that are mostly only used in urban areas, and in future the e-vans will also be able to drive into inner city areas that may be closed to combustion engines.

UPS is a new partner of Arrival. The American logistics company already has a few electric and hybridized delivery vehicles based on the well-known UPS vans in operation. With the Arrival box van, however, a completely newly developed electric car will be used for the first time.

Electric fleet will start in 2018

According to its own information, UPS has ordered 35 vehicles from Arrival. They should have a range of 240 kilometers. In London and Paris, they are to be used for test purposes in daily delivery traffic in 2018.

'UPS works with Arrival because the electric vans help us to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels,' explains Luke Wake , International Director Automotive Engineering at UPS. “We promote innovation in the automotive industry worldwide and contribute to increasing the demand for disruptive technologies. The result is a safe and clean fleet for the cities in which we deliver parcels. ”

Deutsche Post relies on its own StreetScooters

We have heard something similar before, and indeed from Deutsche Post AG. The German UPS competitor took over the manufacturer of the StreetScooter delivery vehicles without further ado and is building the electric transporters on its own. Here, too, there were no offers from established car manufacturers to set up an electric fleet. So they kept looking and found the solution in the start-up of the University of Aachen. In addition to the ScreetScooter in cargo space sizes M and L, the company will soon be expanding its portfolio to include an XL version based on the Ford Transit.

UPS has created the conditions for recharging electric vehicles in the London district of Camden . In thereDepot should be able to supply a large number of transporters with power at the same time, for example overnight.

UPS is also on the move electrically in the USA. The company is the first customer of the battery-powered truck from Daimler's subsidiary Fuso, the eCanter.


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